Lights Low


Lights Low

Skill: Split Jerk 

Strength: Part A & Part B 

A.) Take 12-mins to find a “HEAVY Split Jerk 

**From the Rack 


B.) Within 10-mins: 10-10 Split Press 

**From the Rack


Metcon: (15-min) EMOM 

Station 1: 20/15 Cal. Row

Station 2: Bar Over Burpees 

Station 3: AMRAP S2OH 


**Score is your S2OH 



L1: 20/15 Cal. Row, 12 Bar Over Burpees, 135/95

L2: 20/15 Cal. Row, 10 Bar Over Burpees, 95/65

L3: 15/10 Cal. Row, 8 Bar Over Burpees, 75/55 

L4: 10/8 Cal. Row, 6 Reg. Burpees, DB S2OH 


Row– 0:55 or less Goal

Burpees– 0:45 Goal 

S2OH–5 Total Rounds, focus on fast 5s (5 consecutive every 0:20)