Like an Animal


Like an Animal

Thursday December 27th:


Hope everyone enjoyed Monday, and Wednesday’s team workouts. 


Heavy Front squats. Take your time warming up, and building up to your 1RM. 


Power cleans go up each new round. Pick how you are going to scale Strict HSPU, either with plates/mats or off a box. 

Have fun, see you in the gym. 


Skill: Mobilize for Front Squats 

Strength: Front Squat

2 x 1 – 2 (100%) 

1 Set of Max Effort (100%) 

Metcon: (10)-min AMRAP 

100m Run 


3 Power Cleans 

Each new Round: Add 10/5lbs

L1: SHSPU, Add 20/10lbs., Start at 135/95

L2: 3 SHSPU (*Scale with Ab-mat, but keep Strict), Add 10/5lbs, Start at 115/85 

L3: 6 Kipping HSPU, Keep at the same weight 95/65 (NO Weight Change) 

L4: 6 Push-ups, 10 Ring Rows, DB Power Cleans