Lost in the Blue


Lost in the Blue

Tuesday December 4th: 


HEAVY Back Squats. Mobilizing first then jumping into sets at 90%. Take a lot of time to build up in weight before hitting your working sets at 90%. 

Rest a minimum of 2-3 minutes between sets. 

Get after it, and see you in the gym!


Skill: Hip/Ankle Mobility 


Strength: Back Squat

3 x 4 @ 90%

1 Max Effort Set (cap @ 8 Reps)


4 Rounds For Time: (12 Minute Cap)

20 Air Squats

15 Deficit Pushups 

10 Box Jumps

Rest 1:00 after each round

L1: Goblet Squats (52/35), Ring Pushups

L2: Air-squats, Deficit Pushups elevated on plates (body doesn’t touch the ground)

L3: (35/25), Push-ups

L4: 15 Air-squats, Modified Pushups