Make it work


Make it work

Skill: Hang Clean and Jerk


Strength: 2 Hang Cleans (+) 1 Jerk 


*Use 5 sets to fins a heavy for the day 



Metcon: With a Running Clock, 4 Rounds For Time:

3 Power Cleans 

200m Run 

10 T2B 

-2-min rest b/w Rounds 


**Include the rest in your score for the Whiteboard

**Try to have 2:30 or less/Round 


L1: 205/145, 15 T2B 

L2: 155/105, 10 T2B

L3: 105/75,14/12, 10 K2E

L4: “Heavy DB Cleans”, 20 Ab-mat Sit-ups, 100m Run