Make It


Make It

Monday January 7th:


Hope everyone had a great weekend! 

Rope climbs! Wear longer socks or pants. 

Super fun Strength (Heppner Style) with a rope climb metcon. 

Have fun! See you in the gym


Skill: Rope Climbs

Strength: 12 Alternating Sets (0:30 Work/0:30 Rest)

Front Rack Wall Sits (Double KB or DB)

Heavy Goblet Squats

Metcon: 11-min AMRAP 

100m Single Arm Farmer Carry (KB)

6 Goblet Reverse Lunges (Per leg)

2 Rope Climbs

L1: Black/Blue, 3 Rope Climbs

L2: Blue/Red, 2 Rope Climbs

L3: Red/Orange, 2 Rope Climbs or 10 Jumping C2B

L4: Orange/Yellow, 10 Jumping C2B