Meet Joy Taylor Knight!


Meet Joy Taylor Knight!

Age? 40

Occupation? Photographer and mama to 3 (12,10,and7)

Where are your from? Talladega AL

Have you played sports in the past? Basketball, track, tennis in high school, but never very seriously. Found a love of running in college and since have done a couple marathons and a handful of half’s.

How long have you done Crossfit? Since May 2013! I didn’t have a clue what I was doing! Still don’t some days.

How did you hear about Crossfit? Had some friends who owned one but couldn’t understand paying that much money to work out. Some Mom friends and I started meeting to do “boot camps” in my front yard for about a year. Called it Mother Tribe! Then we moved away from my tribe. I joined a gym where we were to see what all the fuss was about. I was hooked after my first class!

What has Crossfit done for you? I’ve thought about this one a lot. We’ve been in 3 different boxes now and everyone has been different. It has done for my self confidence what I never imagined possible. When you do hard things and survive it wakens this thing inside of you that is hard to explain. I still remember the day I hit a 95# clean and I thought I was straight up beast mode! I just got a PR at 135# this year! And then you get do those hard things with really great people. The people are really what keep me coming back.

What is your favorite movement? What is your least favorite? I love power cleans! I HATE Thrusters and wall balls. But not as bad as when I started. I show up for them now.

What is your favorite BCCF memory? My most recent favorite was Doing 12 days of Christmas with my midday mom squad, all color coordinated!

Do you have a favorite moment from BCCF? What is it? One of my faves is actually on the wall in the bathroom. It’s not pretty, but it sums up so much of my CrossFit journey. Rebecca Stevenson and I competed with the “Ineligibles” (I was the young buck who made us ineligible…3 weeks shy of 40) and
were on one of our final wods. Synchronized Burpee box jump overs. We were so beat! I had a moment when I just laid on my face and Jack was leaning over me telling me to just take a deep breath and keep going. Rebecca was facing me the whole time waiting for me to collect myself. I fell in love with CrossFit all over again that day. The team work, the amazing coaching, the doing of hard things you never thought you could do. The pushing through the hard even when you just want to quit. A lot of days are ugly. But the ugly in the gym makes me so much better at the rest of my life!

What would you tell others about Crossfit? Good coaching makes all the difference! And the community is unmatched! And the lats you will gain may force you to go up a dress size! Strong is so beautiful!

Why Bull City Crossfit? Most convenient to home and school. And the people! We have the best people!