More than That


More than That

Tuesday April 16th:


Tomorrow: Starting a Pull-up/Dip Program. We will test first then apply our numbers to week 1 of the program.

See you in the gym!


Skill: Strict Pull-ups & Dips

Scaling options for both & Review the program

Strength: Pull-up & Dips

Take 5 minutes to test out Max reps of both Strict Pull-ups & Strict Dips 

SSPT Week 1 

15 minutes

Metcon: Every 3 min. x 6 Rounds:

x cal Bike or Row

15 Deadlifts

12 push ups

L1: 27/24, 225/155, Diamond push-ups

L2: 24/21, 185/135, HR Push-ups

L3: 21/18, 135/95, Push-ups

L4: 18/15, KB Deadlifts, Push-ups on a box