My My My!


My My My!

Wednesday January 16th:


Whelp… There goes walking normally for a week lol… 

Nice work on a super tough METCON today guys… 


Working on Touch and Go cleans for our strength. Then onto a  Mile run, Double Under, and Hang Power Clean Max. 

Have some fun, spend a lot of time stretching out those legs, and see you in the gym.


Skill: Touch and Go Cleans

Strength: Every (2-mins) for (8)-mins… 

4 Power Cleans (Touch and Go)

**Start at 50%—Increase weight each round, without exceeding 80%**

Metcon: Within 15 mins… 

1 mile run 

100 DUs

With remaining time: Find 1RM Hang Power Clean

2 scores= Mile Run & DUs (Time), then Heaviest Hang Power Clean weight in the remaining time.

L1: Weighted vest (20/15), 150 DUs

L2: 100 DUs

L3: 50 DUs or half attempts 

L4: 200 singles