Never Let You Down


Never Let You Down

Partner Mile (1600m Run) 

*1 Person Works

*1 Person Rests

*Each person must run AT LEAST twice

Score= Time Finished 


(3-min Rest from the last team to finish) 


12-min AMRAP 

10/8 cal. on rower 

15 Burpee over the rower 

50 Double Unders 


*1 person works all the way through the triplet

*1 Person rests

Score= Round and Reps 


L1: Two foot Take off Burpee, Double Unders (Unbroken)

L2: Two foot Take off Burpee, Double Unders (Any amount)

L3: Step over Burpee, 1/2 DU attempts + 1/2 Singles

L4: Regular burpees (not over rower), Singles 1:2


(4-min Rest)


For Time with 16-min Time Cap: 

50 DB weighted Lunges 

75 Wall Balls 

10 Rope Climbs

75 Wall Balls 

50 DB weighted Lunges


*1 Person works

*1 Person hangs from the rig

*If the person hanging from the rig drops at any point, work must stop

Score= Time Finished 


L1: Single Arm Overhead DB Lunge 50/35, 30/20, Rope Climb

L2: 2 DB on the shoulder (open style) 50/35, 20/14, Rope Climb

L3: 2 DB on the shoulder (open Style) 35/20, 14/12, 1:3 pull-ups sub for Rope Climbs

L4: DB by the side lunge, 12/10  1:3 ring rows  sub for Rope Climbs