Ocean Eyes


Ocean Eyes

Monday April 22nd:


Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! 

Tomorrow: Front squats week 5! (83%) once you find your max with the pauses

Have fun with the squats.. 

See you in the gym


Skill: Mobilize for Front Squats

Strength: Paused Front Squat Cycle – Week 5

a) Max weight with 5 seconds in bottom, 12 second in top 

b) 3×3 same pause @83% max weight

Metcon: With a 9-min Running Clock (Monitor your own rest) 

(5) 100 m Runs with 1:1 Rest

Remaining time: AMRAP

21 Wallballs 

15 Sit-ups 

L1: 30/20, GHD

L2: 20/14, Ab-mat Sit-ups 

L3: 14/10, Ab-mat Sit-ups 

L4: 10/8, Ab-mat situps