Ocean Eyes


Ocean Eyes

Tuesday January 15th: 


Woof! Boulder Shoulders. 


Shoulder mobilization in prep for the METCON. NO strength today… 


Interval style from a throwback Open WOD. Have fun and enjoy the rest period 🙂 


Skill: Shoulder Mobilization 

Strength: No Strength, Metcon ONLY 🙂

Metcon: 4 Rounds (AMRAP) (4-min Work/4-min Rest)

16 Front Rack Lunges (in place)

8 Bar over Burpees

16 Front Rack lunges (in place)

8 T2B

*Pick-up where you left off, trying to get as many rounds and reps as possible. 

L1: 115/85, Bar Facing Burpees

L2: 95/65, Bar over burpees

L3: 75/55, Bar over burpees

L4: DB Lunges, Burpees