Outta my head


Outta my head

Tuesday April 30th:


Keep chipping away at the Dip/Pull-up program. Really hoping to hear some success stories at the end :). 


Last week of the 5/12 pauses. Find your heavy for the day and then we apply 85% to the heavy. 

Fun lil EMOM at the end. Race to get some rest, shouldn’t be an AMRAP. 

See you in the gym.


Skill: Mobilize for Front Squats 

Strength: Mash Pause Front Squats Week 6-

A.) Within 15-mins Find your Heavy for the day (0:05 Bottom/0:12 Top)

B.) Apply 85% to what you found for  3×3

Metcon: 9-min EMOM 

1.) 15 Wallballs 

2.) 12/9 Cal Row

3.) 10 DB FR Lunges 

L1: 30/20, 15/10 Cal. Row, 50/35

L2: 20/14, 12/9 Cal. Row, 50/35

L3: 14/10, 9/7 Cal. Row, 35/20

L4: 10/8, 9/7 Cal. Row, 20/15