Pay Day


Pay Day

Thursday December 6th:


That was a fresh 7-mins lol. Awesome work on a quick, tough workout. 

Also, if you are super sore from squats—be sure to hit some Glute-Bridges, and spending some time sitting in a squat (opening ankles and hips). 


Supersetting Strict press and barbell rows. 

Have fun with the metcon, and pick a weight that allows you to get some rest. 

See you in the gym 


Skill: HSPU

Strength:  Strict Press

5 x 5 @ 70-80%


Barbell Uprght Row

5x 5-7

Metcon: Every 3 Minutes for 12 Minutes (4 sets)

Row/Bike/Ski 12/8 Cals


5 DB Power Cleans

5 DB Thrusters

L1: Strict HSPU, 70/50

L2: Kipping HSPU, 50/35

L3:  10/6 Cals, KHSPU to 1 ab-mat or Pike HSPU, 35/20

L4: 10/6 Cals, 5 Pushups, 25/15