Pay no mind


Pay no mind

Thursday January 24th:


GOATS! Looked like most enjoyed this one. Keep working on those goats :). 


Pick a partner and have some fun with the Metcon. Weights are moderately heavy. If your level is too heavy, just pick a weight you can use and go to town. 


Skill: Double Unders 

Strength: Every (3)-mins for (5) Rounds: HIBB

8 (0:05 Eccentric) Bench Press 

10 DB Bent Over Row (5/Arm; HEAVY) 

30 Double Unders (Good at DUs, go for 50) 

Metcon: For Time…With a Partner…(12) Rounds Total, (6) Per Person (You go/I go) 

5 Front Squats (From the floor) 

5 D-Ball Over the Shoulder 

L1: 205/145, 150/100 

L2: 165/115, 120/80 

L3: 135/95, 80/60 

L4: HEAVY Goblet Squats, (50/35 D-Ball)