Peach Season!


Peach Season!

My friends and I used to have a supper club.  Every other month or so, we would all get together at one person’s house for dinner.  The host would pick the theme for the dinner (i.e. asian, mexican, springtime, foods that start with the letter “M”, etc.) and everyone would bring a dish that fit the the theme.  When it was my turn to host, I picked “Peaches” as the theme.  I love peaches and there are so many great ways to enjoy them.  Everyone had to bring a dish that contained peaches in some way.  We ended up with some really great dishes.

We had this unique twist on the traditional caprese salad that was so amazing I can’t wait to try it again:

Peach and Mint Caprese Salad

For the main course we had this:

Grilled Pork Tenderloin and Peaches

The agrodolce is a little tricky.  I practiced this recipe before the dinner and I didn’t cook the agrodolce long enough for it to become a glaze, so I cooked it a little longer the night of the dinner and overcooked it.  It was still delicious so maybe by the end of this summer I’ll finally get it right!

We also had some homemade peach ice cream, but unfortunately I don’t have the recipe.  Anyways, enjoy!