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Warm-up/Mobilize for Front Squats 


Week 8 of 9: Mash Pause Front Squat Program <30-mins>


Part A: Instructions- With a 15-min running clock find a HEAVY Pause FS (3-sec in bottom/10-sec in FR Position)


Part B: Instructions- With a 15-min Running clock Apply 83% of your “Heavy” for (3-3-3) Same Pauses as above


Note: For the 3×3, 1 full set of the 3 is 0:39-seconds 

Note: Ensure people are keeping elbows up, tight core, and leading with their elbows when driving up with their hips coming through (Forward)



With a Partner… Follow the leader– (6 rounds;3/person) 


15 Kettlebell Swings 

21/18 cal. Row 


L1: Black/Blue (American), Strict HSPU, 21/18 Cal. Row 

L2: Blue/Red (American), Kipping HSPU, 21/18 Cal. Row

L3: Red/Orange (Russian), Scaled HSPU, 15/10 Cal. Row 

L4: Orange/Yellow, Reg. Push-up, 10/7 Cal. Row.