Put the smack down


Put the smack down

Skill: Mobility/Core Work

Sled push/Sled Drag/Dball Carry with a partner 




24 min EMOM

1st min: Goat #1

2nd min: Goat #2

3rd min: Goat #3



Metcon: 9-min AMRAP

3 Hang Power Snatches 

6 OH/FR Lunges 

9 Pull-ups 


*Every 3 mins 10-situps 

L1: 115/85, OH Lunge, CTB

L2: 95/65, OH LUnge, Pull-ups

L3: 75/55, FR Lunge, Banded or Jumping Pull-ups

L4: DB Snatch, DB Lunge, Ring rows