Quarter Milli


Quarter Milli

Thursday May 9th: 


Solid work with the pause front squats. Only two more weeks left in the cycle. 

Tomorrow: Keeping all the movements above a squat :). Grad a buddy and have fun with rowing and cleans. 

See you in the gym. 


Skill: Hang Clean Pull/Power Clean 

Strength: Within 15-mins Find a Heavy for the Complex: 

1 Hang Clean Pull (+) 1 Power Clean 

Against (20)-mins… For Time- With a Partner 

1000m Row 

10 Cleans 

750m Row 

12 Cleans 

500m Row 

14 Cleans 

250m Row 

16 Cleans 

L1: 185/135 

L2: 155/105 

L3: 95/65

L4: DB Cleans