Return of the Mack


Return of the Mack

Skill: Toes 2 Bar


No Strength: Warm Up and Prep for Metcon


Metcon: 5:00 on/2:00 off x 5 Sets

400 M Run

15 T2B



1 Round of “DT” = 12 DL, 9 HPC, 6 S2OH

So work from 0-5:00.. keep track of where you left off 

Rest from 5:00-7:00..

Score is total rounds of DT at the end of all 5 Sets


L1: 155/105, T2B

L2: 135/95, T2B

L3: 10 T2B or Toes to Target, 95/65

L4: 200 M Run, Abmat Situps, DB Everything