Right above it


Right above it

Review each of the stations/Demo


Week 3 of 9 Push/Pull Programming: 12-min EMOM 

Minute 1: Bench Press 5 Reps (70-80%)

Minute 2: Seated DB Press 8 Reps (Moderately Heavy) 

Minute 3: DB Roll Backs (6-8 Reps) 



4 Rounds for Time with an 18-min Time Cap 

400m Run 

20 Wall Balls 

1-min Rest b/w Rounds 


*With a running clock, everyone is responsible for monitoring their own rest 


L1: 30/20, 400m Run 

L2: 20/14, 400m Run  

L3: 14/12, 300m Run 

L4: 12/10, 200m Run