Saturday Nights


Saturday Nights

Friday May 3rd: 


Glute City!! Quality reps on the lunges-20 is a lot… 

Metcon: If you have your grips, throw them on. You are going to want to safe-guard your hands in this 18-min AMRAP. 

See you in the gym


Skill: Review Movements 

Strength: 3 Sets of 20: Rest 2-mins b/w sets 

20 Back Rack Lunges (Alt. 10/leg)

20 Barbell Glute Bridges 

Metcon: (18)-min AMRAP 

(x) Cal. Bike 

3 Rounds Cindy

5 Front Squats 

L1: 21/18 Cal. Bike, 205/145

L2: 18/15 Cal. Bike, 165/115

L3: 15/10 Cal. Bike, 105/75

L4: 15/10 Cal. Bike, DBL DB FR Squats (Open Style)