Shake and Bake


Shake and Bake

Wednesday November 28th:


SOLID work on the Heavy Deadlifts! If you are feeling your lower back a bit, hit up some Glute-Bridges at home and anything plank to help. Overall, super excited to see the Strength building. 


Ring Muscle-Ups as your skill…Work with your coaches when reviewing Muscle-ups the best way to get through the METCON. If you wanted to work on Muscle-Ups try out transitions. 

Challenging Metcon—pick your pace for NATE, and try to get as much rest in the second station (Box Jump Overs).


Skill: Ring Muscle-Ups 


Strength: Push Press—

2-2-2-2 @ 85-95% (3-Rep Max)


(12)-min EMOM 

Station 1: AMRAP NATE

Nate: 2 RMU (+) 4 HSPU (+) 8 American KBS 


Station 2: 10 Box Jump Overs 


**Score=Rounds and Reps of Nate. (Pick-up where you left off) 


L1: Black/Blue, 24″/20″, 12 Box Jump Overs 

L2: Blue/Red, 24″/20″

L3: 6 Pull-ups (+) 4 Push-ups (+) 8 RKBS, Red/Orange, 24″/20″ (Step-Overs) 

L4: 10 Ring Rows (+) 4 Push-ups (+) 8 RKBS, Orange/Yellow, 20″/17″ (Step-Overs)