Sicko Mode


Sicko Mode

Wednesday May 29th: 


Hope everyone is recovering well from Murph. 

Tomorrow: Push Press and a 12-min AMRAP

Have fun and see you in the gym!


Skill: Push Press 

Strength: Push Press

2×5 @65%

2×3 @75%

1×2 @80+%

Metcon: 12-min AMRAP 

15/10 Cal. BIke 


6 Bar over burpees

L1: 18/15 cal Bike, 4″/2″ Deficit HSPU, Bar facing Burpees

L2: 15/10 cal BIke, HSPU, BOB

L3: 12/9 cal Bike, Piking Push-ups, BOB

L4: 9/7 cal Bike, Push-ups, Reg. Burpees