Monday June 17th:


Hope everyone had a restful weekend!

Tomorrow: All the snatches 🙂 

Rest of the week: 

Tuesday- EMOM Shoulders 

Wednesday- 20 Rep Back Squats 

Thursday- Power Cleans 

Friday-Strict Press 

Have a great Monday and see you in the gym 


Skill: Snatch Pull/Snatch/OHS

Strength: 10-min EMOM: Complex 

1 Snatch Pull (+) 1 Snatch 

*All at the same weight: 70-75%

Metcon: AMRAP Intervals: (4:00 work/2:00 Rest) (x) 3 Rounds 

 12 Power Snatch 

6 OHS 

12  Bar Over Burpee

6 CTB 

*Pick up where you left off* 

**If you don’t have OHS–Please scale to Front squats**

L1: 115/85, CTB, BFB 

L2: 95/65, CTB, BOB 

L3: 75/55, Kipping Pull-ups, BOB

L4: DB Sntaches, Ring Rows, Reg. Burpees, Goblet Squats