Star Shock


Star Shock

Friday July 19th:


Awesome job with ALL the running, that was a tough one. 

Tomorrow: Bench Press

See ya tomorrow.


Skill: Auxiliary Core: 6-min EMOM

0:30 D-Ball Hug to chest 

0:30 Weighted Plank 

0:30 DBL KB OH Hold 

Strength: 5 Sets—Bench Press (5 Reps) 


6-10 Tempo Ring Rows 2121

(Rest 1-2 mins.. between sets) 

Metcon: 12-min AMRAP 

40/30 Cal Row or Ski

20 Burpees over D-Ball 

10 D-Ball OTS 

L1: 150/100 

L2: 120/80

L3: 30/24 Cal.,  80/60,Step-over D-ball ALLOWED 

L4:24/19 Cal.,  35/25