Stay for a While


Stay for a While

Skill: Rope Climbs


Strength-Part 1: Build up to a Heavy Push Jerk for the Day

*Within 12-mins…

Strength- Part 2: Take your heavy PJ then apply 75% of that to a Split Jerk for:

*3-3-3 (75% of your Push Jerk)


Metcon-3 Rounds for Time:

30 Wall Balls

3 Rope Climbs

1 Clean and Jerk


*Goal=Sub 12mins…


L1: 20/14, Rope Climbs, 225/155

L2: 20/14, Rope Climbs, 205/145

L3: 14/12, Scaled Rope Climbs, 155/105

L4: 12/10, Scaled Rope Climbs, HEAVY DB G2OH