Stay On Track With These Great Fitness Tools


Stay On Track With These Great Fitness Tools

Do you ever feel like no matter what you do, you just don’t seem to be making any progress?  If you find yourself feeling this way even though you are eating right and exercising regularly, it may be time to start tracking your daily eating and exercise habits.  You may be surprised at what you find out!  You might find that you are eating more (or less) than you think.  You also might discover (as I did) that although you are working out, you really aren’t getting enough activity in your daily routine.  If you have a desk job this can be really difficult.  Here are some tools that I’ve found helpful for staying on track:

My Fitness Pal:  My Fitness Pal is an app that tracks your daily food and exercise.  It’s not really great for tracking calories burned from CrossFit because that varies so much, but it’s a great way to log your food.  At the end of the day after you submit your final food entry, the app tells you what your weight would be if you ate like that every day – that can be a real wake up call!  Like most apps, you can add your friends, which is a great way to keep each other accountable.

WOD Together:  If you’re not using WOD Together to track your WODs, I really recommend it.  I prefer the actual website to the app because it has a lot more options.  Bull City CrossFit is linked to WOD together so the WODs automatically come up in the program – all you have to do is enter your weights and your time.  There’s a calendar view that shows you how many WODs you’ve attended during the month and you can compare your progress with the other members.  The best part about WOD Together is that you never have to ask yourself, “what weight did I use the last time we…….?”  There is a “history” button that you can select that will show you exactly what you did last time and you can see how far you’ve progressed.

FitBit:  The FitBit is a pedometer that you can wear as a bracelet or you can clip onto your clothing.  Depending on which version you buy you can track daily steps, flights of stairs, and your sleep patterns.  It also has a silent alarm that vibrates to wake you up.  This a much more pleasant way to start the day than having a blaring alarm clock to wake up to.  The FitBit surprised me the most.  The recommended daily goal for steps is 10,000.  I didn’t realize this until I started using the FitBit, but most days I barely walk 2500 steps!  I sit at a desk all day long.  If I don’t actively try to get more activity in I don’t burn enough calories throughout the day to support very many splurges in my diet.  The good news is you can get those extra steps in, it just takes some awareness.  I now try to take a quick walk at lunchtime and I try to get up from my desk every hour or so and do a quick walk around the building.  It actually helps clear my head and makes me more productive.  Also, just like My Fitness Pal, the FitBit app lets you add your friends.  You can compete for the most steps as well as other badges that the app awards.

ZipList:  ZipList is not a tracking app, but I love it.  It is a recipe clipper and meal planner.  You can add the “ZipList Recipe Clipper” button to your Bookmarks Bar and whenever you come across a recipe online you just click the button and it adds the recipe to your recipe box.  My favorite part is the meal planner.  You can pick meals from your recipe box to eat for the week and it automatically adds the ingredients of each recipe to a shopping list that shows up on your phone!  Grocery shopping has become so much easier since I found this app.

I hope this list helps keep you motivated and on track.  Let us know what apps you like to use!