Steal the Sunshine


Steal the Sunshine

Monday August 12th: 


Hope everyone had a great weekend! 

Tomorrow: Back squats with a chipper as the Metcon. 

Rest of the week: 

Tuesday: Snatch 

Wednesday: Bench Press 

Thursday: Lower Accessory Work

Friday: Cleans 

See you in the gym! 


Skill: Mobilize for Back Squats 

Strength: Back Squat: 5-5-5

*All 3 sets the same weight* 

Metcon: Within (22)-mins.. For Time! 

10 Ring Dips 

20 Bar Over Burpees 

30 Thrusters

40 Russian  KBS 

30 Thrusters 

20 Bar Over Burpees 

10 Ring Dips 

L1: Ring Dips, 135/95, White/Black, BFB

L2: Ring Dips, 115/85, Black/Blue, BOB

L3: Banded Dips or Box Dips, 75/55, Blue/Red, BOB

L4: Dips off Box, DB Thrusters, Orange/Yellow, Reg. Burpees