The Drop


The Drop

Skill: Review the stations and allow time to figure out weights per station 


Strength: 12-min EMOM (Rotate through the stations) 

Station 1: Barbell Front Rack Lunges— 6/leg (12 Total) **From the Rig

Station 2: Romanian Deadlift (3-seconds lowering down, regular up)—8 Total 

Station 3: Lateral Box Step Overs— 8/leg (16 Total) 


Links for stations:  FR Lunges Tempo RDL Lateral Box Step Overs 


Metcon: Every 4 Minutes for 20 Minutes 

(x) Cals 

8 Deadlifts 

12 Box Jumps 

8 Bar over burpees 


L1: 185/135, 25/20cals 24″/20″

L2: 155/105, 20/15cals, 24″/20″

L3: 135/95, 18/14Cals, 20″/17″ (step ups)

L4: 95/65, 18/14Cals,17″/15″ (Step-ups)