The Great Beyond


The Great Beyond

Tuesday July 2nd: 


Tomorrow: Front Squats with a tempo!

Spicy 4 Rounder for the Metcon- Good Luck 🙂 

See you in the gym 


Skill: Mobilize for Front Squats 

Strength: Tempo Front Squats- 4 sets of 5 reps (Tempo: 41X1) 


Metcon: Against 15-mins… 4 Rounds For Time… 

20/15 Cal Bike

5 Front Squats 

200m Run 

L1: 20/15 Cal. Bike, 185/135 

L2: 20/15 Cal. Bike, 155/105

L3: 15/10 Cal. Bike,105/75

L4: 15/10 Cal. BIke,, DB Front Squats