The Thrill


The Thrill

Monday January 21st: 


Hope everyone had a restful weekend. 


Push Jerks from the rig (AHAP) with some fun core work. 

In the metcon, work with your coaches on getting the technique for Sumo Deadlift High-pulls. More of a Kettlebell swing-ish style movement. Have fun, and those dips get sneaky. 

Last thing… 

Looking for 4 Volunteers to be a captain in the open. Message me if you think you will be interested. We can chat details :). 


Skill: Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Strength: (5) Rounds: Shoulder Pump with Abs! 

3 Push Jerks (AHAP; From the Rig) 

0:30 D-Ball Hug to Chest 

10 Russian Twists w/DB (#35/20 is a suggestion, pick a weight for Unbroken challenging 10)

(90-sec) Rest b/w Rounds…

**Push Jerk: Weights can climb, or kept the same. Should be a challenging 3**

*Get after that strong core- This will be a tough, but fun one :)**

Metcon: 10-min AMRAP 

10 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (SDLHP)

15 HSPU 

15/12 Cal. Bike Or Row (Encourage Bike :). Realize everyone doesn’t have a bike)

10 Ring Dips 

L1: 95/65, Kipping Ring Dips, Regular HSPU

L2: 75/55, Kipping Ring Dips, Regular HSPU 

L3: 65/45, Dips off a Box, DB Push Press instd. of HSPU (#20/15), 12/9 Cal. 

L4: KB SDLHP, Dips of a Box, DB Push Press instd. of HSPU (#15/10), 12/9 Cal.