The Upside Down


The Upside Down

Skill: Touch and go Snatch 


Strength: 5 rounds with 90-seconds between rounds (Allot 20-mins)

250/200m Row at a high to moderate pace

3 Touch and Go Snatches 

Rest: 90-seconds 


L1: 135/95 

L2: 95/65

L3: 75/55, 150/100m Row 

L4: 6 DB Snatches, 150/100m Row


(4) 3:00 AMRAPS with 2:00 Rest Between

 9 Bar Over Burpees 

7 Power Snatches 



*Pick up where you left off– Rounds and Reps


L1: 115/85, Bar Facing Burpees 

L2: 95/65, Bar Over Burpees 

L3: 75/55, Bar Over Burpees 

L4: (9) Reg. Burpees, 7 DB Snatches, 5 DB Goblet Squats