These Walls


These Walls

Skill: Kipping


Strength: Every 3-mins for 15-mins (5 Rounds) (Both stations within 3-mins)

Station 1: Bench Press 3 reps at 60-65% (Mod to Challenging Weight)

Station 2: 250m/200m Row 


Metcon: 12 Min AMRAP

12 Pull-ups

6 Bar Over Burpees 

12 Deadlifts 

6 Bar Over Burpees 


**Every 3-mins 200m–Not starting with 


L1: Bar Facing Burpees, 205/145, CTB 

L2: Bar Over Burpees, 155/105, Pull-ups 

L3: Bar Over Burpees, 135/95, Jumping or Banded Pull-ups

L4: Reg Burpees, DB DL, Ring Rows