Tip Toe


Tip Toe

Friday August 16th: 


Awesome work on a tough week! 

Tomorrow: Touch and Go Cleans. 

See you in the gym 


Skill: Touch & Go Cleans 

Strength: Within (30)-mins: 10-mins for each Section 

Work up to a Heavy 5 TNG 

Work up to a Heavy 3 TNG

Work up to a Heavy Singles 

Metcon: Against 10-mins… 3 Rounds For Time! 

9/7 Cal. Bike 

200m Run 

8  Hang DB Snatches (Alt.) 

8 Hang DB Clean and Jerks (Alt.)

L1: 70/50 

L2: 50/35

L3: 35/20 

L4: 20/15