Top of the Podium


Top of the Podium

Skill: 8-min Pulling EMOM (Pull-ups or Muscle-ups)

*Pick a number, and take the minute to reach number


Strength: Bench Press 

65% x 6reps

75% x 4reps

85% 4x4reps

Metcon:  21-18-15-12-9-6-3

Front Squats

Run 200 meters after each round.

*If you drop the front squat do 3 muscle ups (scale to pull-ups) before you start back.


L1: 135/95, MU

L2: 95/65, MU or MU Transitions

L3: 75/55, 7 Pull-ups

L4: 100m run, DB FS, Ring Rows