Turn Left


Turn Left

Skill: Power Snatch/Hang Muscle Snatch

Link for Hang Snatch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W29r_HFCdV8

Strength: A & B 

A.) Within 15-mins find the Heaviest weight for the Complex: 

Complex: Snatch Pull (+) Hang Power Snatch (+) Power Snatch 


B.) Hang Muscle Snatch: 5-5-5

Metcon: Within 6-mins

3 Power Snatches 

3 Bar Over Burpees 

6 Power Snatches 

6 Bar Over Burpees 

9 Power Snatches 

9 Bar Over Burpees 

12/12, 15/15, etc., 


L1: 115/85, BFB 

L2: 95/65, BOB 

L3: 75/55, BOB

L4: DB Snatches, Reg. Burpees