Walk the Walk


Walk the Walk

Monday March 25th: 


Hope everyone had an awesome March Madness of a weekend! 


 Cleans descending reps as the weight goes up, with a 500m row sprinkled in. 

Have fun, and see you in the gym


Skill: Clean Deadlift

Strength: Power Clean & Clean Deadlifts

Power Clean

Take 15 mins to find 2RM

Clean Deadlift

3×10 @ 90% of 2RM

Metcon:For time

500m Row

20 Power cleans

500m row

10 power cleans

500m row

5 power cleans 

L1: 185/135, 205/145, 225/155

L2: 155/105, 185/135, 205/145

L3: 115/85, 135/95, 155/105

L4: Kettlebell Swings (Ascending Weights