Walk until the end


Walk until the end

Tuesday March 19th: 


Solid work with today’s Strength. Super tough, but fun to watch mod-heavy weight get moved around for reps. 

19.4 Spirit Points Update: 

I will tally points before next metcon post (3/19). 

Tomorrow: Partner day! 

See you in the gym


Skill: Mobilize 

Strength/Metcon: Against 18-mins… For Time(Teams of 2)

30 Dball Squats (split However)

100 KBS (Russian)

Row 2 K

20 BackSquats Split However

50 KBS (Russian)

Row 1K

L1: 150/100, Black/Blue

L2: 100/80, Blue/Red

L3: 80/60, Red/Orange

L4: Goblet Squats, Orange/Yellow, 750/500m Row


400 Meter Walk

1:00 each Couch Stretch

1:00 each Pigeon