We Get Through


We Get Through

Skill: Review the Stations

Working in some auxiliary movements. Quality moving with the strength today, don’t worry too much about how much weight you are moving around. 


Strength: Every 3-mins for (12)-mins…

(2121 Tempo) Strict Ring Rows (Challenging Number of strict RR) 

10 FR Back Step Lunges (5/Leg) 

10 RDL 


**Pick your weight–Quality Movement**


Metcon: Against 15-mins… 40-30-20-10 

Bike, Row, or Ski Cal.

Russian Kettlebell Swings 


**Pick Bike, Row, or Ski and stick to that for the WOD. 

**Each new Round (Not starting with/Ending with): 5 D-ball Over the Shoulder; 15 Total D-Ball OTS)**


L1: Black/Blue, 150/100

L2: Blue/Red, 120/80

L3: Red/Orange, 80/60 or 10 Slam-balls (25/20)

L4: Orange/Yellow, 10 Slam-balls (20/15)