We got the Keys


We got the Keys

Friday November 30th: 


Hope everyone enjoyed the Partner Metcon today with all the Auxiliary Strengths. 


Double METCON Friday. 

Pick a Cardio and stick with it through the rounds. 

For the cleans, pick a moderate weight to start with (55%-ish) and Climb through the metcon. 

Have fun and see you in the gym. 


Skill: Cleans 

Strength: (10)-min EMOM 

Station 1: (10/7) Cal Bike/Row/Ski

Station 2: 2 Cleans (Climbing: AHAP) 

Metcon: (8) Rounds For Time— 

8 DB Snatch 

8 TTB 

100m Run 


L1: 10 Rounds: 50/35 

L2: 8 Rounds: 50/35

L3: 35/20, K2E

L4: 20/15, 16 Ab-mat SIt-ups