We’ll be singing


We’ll be singing

Friday December 14th: 


Solid times with the classic 21-15-9 🙂 


It’s all about the Dubs. Find a steady pace on the rest of the movements, and get back to your double unders. They go up by 5 each new round. 


Skill: DUs 


Strength: Push Press

4 x 5 @ 60-70% 


14 Min AMRAP

5 Double Unders

8 Push-Ups

10 Wallballs

12 Lunges 


Each new round: DU’s increase by 5-reps 


L1: DUs, HSPU, 20/14, Blue/Red KB Lunges (Goblet Style) 

L2: DUs, Reg Push-Ups, 20/14

L3: 2 x Singles, Reg Push-Ups, 14/10

L4: Singles, Scaled Push-Ups, 10/6