Worth it


Worth it

Wednesday April 3rd: 


SUPER fast times with that 4 rounder- awesome work!

Tomorrow! Lots of Running, wear your Running Shoes. The design behind the workout is that you will get some D-ball Over the Shoulder. Scale your run and D-ball correctly. NO Rest built in… 

Have fun with this one, and see you in the gym. 


Skill: Split Jerk 

Strength: 5 Sets—

1 Split Jerk (AHAP) 

*Rest-2-mins b/w Rounds*

Metcon: Every (4)-mins for (3) Rounds 

800m Run 

Remaining Time: D-Ball Over the Shoulder 

L1: 800m Run, 150/100

L2: 800m Run, 120/80

L3: 600m Run, 80/60

L4: 400m Run, 60/45